BALANCE VESSEL Hand thrown porcelain vessels with strongly coloured base


LANTERNS Paper thin textured porcelain with glazed interior for tea lights


 HANGING BIRDS, BEARS AND HEARTS Hand made in porcelain, imprinted with embroidery, strung on thread with kimono bow and ceramic tag



BALANCE BOWLS Hand thrown impressed porcelaine bowls, satin white glaze with dark metallic highlights




TEA SET Tea pot, two tea bowls and tray, hand thrown porcelain satin white glaze dark metallic highlights


TEA BOWLS Hand thrown porcelain satin white glaze with dark metallic swipe


TEA BOWLS Hand thrown porcelain glossy white glaze with dark metallic flow


SILVER RIMMED TEA BOWLS Hand thrown porcelain tea bowls with transparent interior glaze and silver or gold rim


CUPS AND MUGS  Hand thrown porcelain , with transparent glaze, plain or stamped with vintage stamps and highlighted with oxides and gold or silver lusters